Circle Finance

Circle Finance uses both your traditional and non-traditional data such as your digital footprint, social networks, financial data and credit history, etc to help you build and manage your credit score.

It also helps financial institutions make informed decisions when determining their customers creditworthiness.

Process Flow


Applicant Visit

Applicant visit Credit institution for loan and enters Circle Finance.


Send creditworthiness of applicant

Circle Finance sends the Credit institution the creditworthiness of the applicant and an informed decision is made based on the applicant's credit report.


Applicant gets Loan

Decision is made within 3 - 5 minutes and Applicant get the loan.


Yes, your data is protected. We use the information we collect from you for good.

A credit report is a document that helps to determine your creditworthiness. After we have analyzed your credit history, we generate a credit report for you.

Your data is used to help determine your credit score and prepare your credit report.

A credit score is a number that expresses your creditworthiness based on your credit report.